A few words about us

Straight Edge Fitness is not your average personal training center.

At Straight Edge Fitness our goal is to help you reach your goals personal and professional. Our expertise in physical fitness enables us to train new beginners as well as professional body builders. We have programs tailored to professional body builders such as pre-contest preparation, off-season conditioning, and stage presentation techniques. These programs fall into three categories: bikini, figure, and physique training.

Additionally we also provide training to everyday people looking to make a healthy lifestyle change. Straight Edge Fitness provides personalized nutrition programs, supplementation counseling, cardio training, and weekly one to one feedback to give you the best results.

What sets up apart

At Straight Edge Fitness we treat each person as an individual and tailor workout routines to fit their needs. Sadly many people new to personal training have been discouraged by personal trainers provided by establishment gyms as a free trial. These trainers often times are too hard on non-athletes causing harsh side effects such as nausea and fatigue. Instead our goal for novices is to ramp them up into becoming capable of high energy and high exertion workouts. On the other hand if you are a seasoned athlete and you are looking for hardcore workouts and training routines to progress you to the next level, you’ve found the place. We genuinely care about your workout experience and we are striving to make it the best you’ve ever had. Best of all we are affordable and we can find a program to fit your budget.