TRX Suspension Training®

Suspension training® gives participants an edge over conventional strength training. Why? Because every suspension training® exercise builds truly functional strength and improves flexibility, balance, and core stability all at once, as is required on the playing fields of sport and life.

The TRX® Suspension Training® System’s single-point attachment provides the ideal mix of support and mobility to train strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility, power and core stability across a wide range of resistance. TRX® training employs multi-joint integration across all three planes of movement to make you functionally stronger.

Developed by a US Navy Seal, the TRX® system is the original bodyweight-based suspension training® system that will give you more functional training capabilities than any other single piece of equipment.

The effectiveness and versatility as the ultimate suspension training® tool has pushed into the training rooms of teams/athletes in every major professional sport including the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MMA, PGA, LPGA, NCAA, in high school athletic programs, and is used by triathletes, tennis players, skiers, snowboarders, surfers, and in senior wellness programs.

  • Get a fast, effective total body workout
  • Benefits people of all fitness levels
  • Freedom of motion reduces the chance of injury
  • Endless workout combinations improve muscle stimulation

Straight Edge Fitness trainers are TRX® certified and ready to show you an awesome workout.